Go Sail Give Back

What is Go Sail Give Back?

Go Sail Give Back is our way of supporting increased sailing participation, through contributions to your local sailing club, school or related sailing organization. WindRider donates a portion of sales to partner organizations that are chosen by you, the buyer.  Read how it works below......

How it works

For individuals

Simply buy parts and then at checkout when you see this box

 Give Back Box

Click the drop-down and select the organization you would like to donate to.  If you are a supporter of an organization that isn’t signed up, you can either sign them up here: Organization Sign Up  or fill out this form and we will work to get that organization signed up.

For organizations

Sign up here.  This is all you have to do to start receiving donations. We have a number of organizations that are just passive and receive funds. However, if you want to do more to encourage your supporters to WindRider provides the following resources:

Tracking link: This link can be placed on your website or facebook.  Anyone that purchases after clicking, their purchase will automatically be credited to your organization.

Email templates:  These email templates can be sent to your supporters to inform them of a new way to support your organization.

Banners: These are banner images that can be used online that also contain the tracking link.

Events: Have an event? WindRider can provide handouts for the event to help promote your Go Sail Give Back


Sailing is an amazing activity.  It can be exciting and competitive if you are racing around a course, it can be relaxing if you are out on a beautiful day with a light breeze just enjoying the sound of the waves lapping at your hull, it can be family bonding.  Sailing provides joy in so many different forms, we believe that more people should be able to enjoy it. We think that spreading the joy of sailing is best done at a local level and by working with organizations we hope to expose more people to the joy of sailing.

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