Astus 18.2

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One boat, two versions

The Astus 18.2 is available in two versions which together satisfy the needs of a wide range of sailors. The standard version, with a relatively modest sail area, is ideal for beginners and family sailing. The sport version, with 18% more sail area, backstay and mainsheet traveler provides more power and more sail control for exhilarating performance.


If you are new to sailing and looking for a boat easy to handle, look no further. The Astus 18.2’s shallow draught (0.20m with the centerboard up) will enable you to wander through shallow creeks in total peace of mind. Reducing sail is easy with the furling jib, whilst the optional furling genaker will take you to exciting speeds without the fuss. The mast can be stepped up and the boat rigged in less than 30 minutes by a single person.


The Astus 18.2’s outriggers are mounted on telescopic arms and can be extended or folded within seconds on the water as well as on shore. Thanks to this ingenious design the boat can be launched from narrow slip ways and moored in monohull marina berths, whilst offering full stability on the water with the floats extended. The large cockpit, with no centerboard well, offers ample accommodation for five people and extra room is provided on the large trampolines. The cabin keeps your belongings dry and safe and can offer refuge to your children should they get cold. At 260kg, the Astus 18.2 is very light for a boat of its size and can be towed even by a small car.


If you wish to initiate your children to the fun of sailing, the last thing you want is to scare them away. The Astus 18.2’s two large outriggers give it unique stability. In a stable boat that doesn’t heel your young children will feel much more confident and free to enjoy the fun. Furthermore, the Astus 18.2 has blocks of polystyrene foam built in the floats and main hull to make it unsinkable. Polystyrene foam does not absorb water hence your Astus 18.2 will not be gaining weight over the years!