Tab Brace Kit

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This Kit is designed for older model WR 17s with trailer tabs that have bent upward after supporting the weight of the boat on the trailer rails.

Newer WR 17s have wider and sturdier trailer tabs but can also use this kit if they need it.

The kit includes: instructions, 4-  braces, 4- 1/4" 20x 3/4" phil. flat screws, 4- 1/4" 20x 1.5" phil. truss screws, 8- 1/4" 20 locknuts, 4- fender washers and 4- flat washers.

Tools needed to install kit: Drill, 1/4" drill bit, countersink bit, philips screwdriver, 7/16" wrench and a hammer or mallet.

*Note: This kit is ment to reinforce bent tabs and prevent further bending.

The kit is not designed to be used on tabs that are cracked or broken.