WindRider Supports Adaptive Sailing in Sandusky Ohio

WindRider Supports Adaptive Sailing in Sandusky Ohio

WindRider is proud to support the ongoing efforts of Adaptive Adventures, who in conjunction with the Sandusky Sailing Club in Sandusky, Ohio, will be bringing a new Adaptive Sailing program to Sandusky Bay and the local region. The program, designed to make sailing accessible for children, adults, and veterans of all abilities, is modeled after the same highly successful program started by Adaptive Adventures in Denver, Colorado.

In just two seasons on the water, the Denver program was able to help hundreds of sailors of all ages and abilities gain access to sailing with its fleet of 6 WindRider WR17 AS trimarans, and has since been awarded sufficient grants and donations to double in size and expand to the Great Lakes this year.  The Adaptive Adventures program in Sandusky will be the first on Lake Erie, but a sister program is forecast to begin in the Chicago area soon as well.

The Sandusky Sailing Club will be home to 3 WindRider WR17 AS trimarans and a Corsair F28R that have all been donated to the program. The first two WR17 AS are already in Sandusky, and have logged hours of sailing introducing volunteer captains to the boats and training them for the Adaptive Adventures Sailing program, which will begin this summer. Adaptive Adventures is thankful to SSC Learn to Sail, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Sierra Lobo, Cindy Norcross State Farm insurance, ECCL Aerospace Services, WindRider International, and many individuals for helping to bring adaptive sailing to Sandusky.

The program, which serves the Wounded Warrior project as well as many other veteran and nonveteran needs, has received a significant grant from the Veterans Administration, so a strong focus for Adaptive Adventures is on veteran’s opportunities. The Ohio Veterans Home is looking to schedule one or more events starting in June and the Sandusky Sailing Club plans to offer their clients a weekly sailing experience. In the future, the program at Sandusky aims to transport boats to other lakes in the area as well, in keeping with the successful model in Colorado.

The Sandusky Sailing Club and Adaptive Adventure’s objective is for the adaptive sailing program to provide equal access to sailing for people of all abilities. Each experience is based on safety, fun, and learning. The program model ranges from introductory sailing to racing and cruising for those wishing to become totally independent on the water.  The US Sail Adaptive Sailing Program will be offered as the program expands.


For more information and to get involved, contact Larry Knauer at or 614.551.3118

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