Comparing the WindRider 17 to the Weta Trimaran

Comparing the WindRider 17 to the Weta Trimaran

Comparing the Weta Trimaran to the WindRider 17 Trimaran

We frequently get asked how the WindRider 17 compares to Weta Trimaran, so we decided to make this page to explain how they are similar and dissimilar. We also want to give some of the positives of each boat


1. Both day sailors

2. Both small trimarans (very stable)

That is where the similarities between the two boats end. The WindRider 17 was designed to be a pleasure sailor for anyone to use, whereas the Weta was designed to be a racing sailboat that that was more stable than a small catamaran.


WindRider 17:

1. Rotomolded. This allows the WindRider 17 Trimaran to be used anywhere, anyhow without concern of damaging the hull.

2. Capacity. The WindRider 17 can carry up to 6 people, while Weta is limited to 3.

4. Dryer boat. The trampoline design and bow design ensure that the waves break beneath you, not on you. No need for a dry suit to sail this trimaran.

5. Motor mount option. While heretical to some, a motor can be a godsend when the winds die, when a storm is coming or when the current and wind and everything else are working against you.

6. Versatility. The WindRider 17 has more options, more cargo space, so choose the type of sailing you want to do. Then do it.

7. Price. The base price of the WindRider trimaran is less than that of the Weta.

Weta Trimaran:

1. One class design. Weta has a strong base of racing fleets across the world for those people interested in racing trimarans. If you are looking to race, and looking for a small trimaran, this is a great option.

2. Carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber for the mast and akas helps lighten the boat.

3. Very compact design. When disassembled, the boat is only 14ft long and 5.5ft wide. This makes it great for people that have very little area for storage.

4. Speed. With 3 sails standard the Weta will be faster on the water than the WindRider.

If you are looking for a boat to race, then the Weta is the better option. However, if you just want more versatility at a lower price point, then the WindRider is your best option.

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