Merger of WindRider and Nickels Boat Works

Merger of WindRider and Nickels Boat Works

Press Release                                                              Contact: Dean Sanberg, President
December 31, 2015                                          
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.                                             612-338-2170

Merger of WindRider International and Nickels Boat Works

WindRider International has merged with Nickels Boat Works to provide a more comprehensive product and service lineup to the sailing community.  Nickels Boat Works, with a 30-plus year history of quality boat building, is the manufacturing division for WindRider and will now build nine models of sailboats at the Flint, Michigan plant, plus import five models of sailing trimarans from Astus in France.  WindRider distributes parts and accessories sailboats and now will be the exclusive supplier of Nickels Boat Works parts, including parts for the Lightning, Buccaneer, Mutineer, and JY15.

Nickels Boat Works is a world-renowned builder of one-design sailboats and other fiberglass products.  It is the prime supplier of the 19 foot Lightning, whose class has over 15,000 boats built since its introduction, and also builds the JY15, Buccaneer, Rebel, Mutineer and Snipe.  Innovations at Nickels Boat Works include approved class refinements in hull shape and refined deck layouts resulting in World, Pan American and North American victories.  WindRider trimaran models include the WR17, WR16, WRTango; plus Astus models 16.5, 18.2, 20.2, 22 and 24.

About WindRider:  WindRider encourages people to Go Sail™ by providing products and online information resources that simplify the sailing experience for sailors in all stages of life. From accessible, fun sailboats and accessories to their communities of sailors interacting on-line and on-water, WindRider has everything you need to Go Sail™.  Visit for more information.

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