RAVE V Update from The Foiling Week

RAVE V Update from The Foiling Week

Johnny Fullerton writes on behalf of Foiling Week at their blog post : “Foiling Week 2015 came to a close last weekend after a five day festival of foiling in superb conditions at Lake Garda. The weather really turned it on for three days of fast and furious foiling with Lake Garda an eclectic mix of foiling craft.

The sun came out every day and the pristine clear waters off Malcesine proved a big hit for the visiting sailors. The early morning Peler from the North switches off around lunchtime to make way for the afternoon Ora from the South which blew in 12 – 18 knots almost every day. Add the occasional summer thunderstorm in the mix and you have some awesome foiling conditions.”

Larry Knauer, Designer and RAVE V Director and I traveled to Lake Garda, Italy in early July to participate and learn.  Larry presented the RAVE V design and the presentation is attached here.  While most of the existing designs and prototypes discussed were of the “traditional” foil shapes, WindRider received a lot of attention with the unique “V” foil with sonic tube shape, as well as the A-frame sailplan.  We were able to talk with and share ideas with world class sailboat designers and contacts made should prove very useful in the future.

As it relates to the current RAVE V build schedule, we are about 60 days behind.  While design, materials and quality are proceeding according to plan, the actual time in labor for building the first boat is more than anticipated.  The good news is that as we learn, we will be able to implement efficiencies in the building process for future boats.

We are now scheduled for mid-August for the test boat to be in Lake Erie.  But even as we finish up building the test boat we are also proceeding with the buildout of the demo boat – that which is scheduled to be at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in early October.

Thank you for your continued interest in the RAVE V.

Rave v presentation for foiling week (final) (1) from robert_windrider

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