Welcome to the WindRider Give-Back Program

The WindRider Give-Back Program seeks to promote sailing at the local level by providing support to youth and community sailing programs. Your organization will receive 6% of the proceeds from sales of all sailing gear that is purchased from WindRider.

How it works

Upon completion of this sign up form, WindRider will provide you with a link to put on your website, if desired, and create an organization group. When members of your organization, affiliates or friends need parts they can either click the link and the referral code will be passed on or they can, at checkout, choose your organization as the desired donation recipient. WindRider will track the total sales amount and give a donation totaling 6% of the sales during the 90 days. WindRider will then mail a check to the organizations address listed on the sign up form, so long as the total donation amount is not less than $10. Should the total amount be less than $10, the amount will continue to accrue for an additional 90 days until the $10 threshold is met.

Eligibility Requirements:

Sailing clubs, schools or community organizations which promote sailing are eligible to participate.