Find, Buy and Sell with other Sailing Enthusiasts.

WindRider enhances the sailing experience through sailing simplified. We make it simple to find, buy and sell sailboats and sailboat parts and accessories with other sailing lovers - whether WindRider brand or any other.

Why did we do this?

We love everything about sailing. We love going on the boat on a sunny beautiful day or just talking sailboats with other enthusiasts. As we learn more about the sailing world, we realized there was one thing missing—an online destination where sailboat enthusiasts can safely buy and sell sailboats, parts, accessories and more. A place dedicated to our community where you get help searching for a product and safely buy and sell anything sailboat related. So we went out and decided to change that. WindRider Marketplaces are powered by Curious Marketplaces' software, which offers secure buying & selling and advanced eCommerce features for our community.

Buy and Sell Sailboats

Buy and Sell Sailboat Parts & More



For Sellers

  • Sell your new or used sailboats and related parts/accessories safely with others.
  • Post unlimited photos and even a video of the item you’re selling.
  • Whatever brand or condition, you set the price of your item.
  • All payments are securely processed through PayPal or for both buyer and seller protection.
  • Free to list your item(s) for sale.
  • For larger sellers, create an online store in the marketplace to attract buyers.


For Seekers

  • Buy an item safely from the marketplace with your Paypal or Credit Card.
  • Find relevant sailing specific products quickly.
  • Post a "Wanted" ad - maybe even a picture or video of what you need - someone in the sailing community is likely to help.