WindRider 17 Trimaran Sailboat

The WindRider 17 Trimaran – A nearly perfect sailboat


The most versatile sailboat in the WindRider Trimaran clan, the WindRider 17 has features to please just about everybody. With the affordability of this boat we are bringing the joy and pleasure of sailing high-quality boats to as many people as possible. We bring outstanding quality for the price.

The boat is easy to sail and operate. Anyone will have confidence with stability and control. The boats controls are very intuitive. You steer left by pushing your left foot and steer right by pushing your right foot from the comfortable cockpit. Steering with your feet leaves your hands free to operate the sails. All controls are easily accessed and within close proximity of the cockpit no twisting or bending required. The boat is very quick, all while staying extremely dry.

The mast is lightweight and rotates improving performance of the full battened mainsail, giving way to great visibility. The boat is constructed of rotomolded polyethelene which is very durable and less maintenance than fiberglass. The 17 is so easy to trailer it slides on rails to be put on and off the trailer and can be towed behind most vehicles. The launch and retrieval time of the boat for a solo sailor is about 30 minutes and 10 minutes for 2 or more sailors.

This boat offers a fine combination of excellent sailing performance with a comfortable face forward cockpit seating. The sailing capacity is quite large with up to 6 adults. In addition to the main cockpit there is a larger forward cockpit for your passenger and the cushioned seat reverses to face the captain. The optional stiff backed net seats, which are very comfortable and soft, will allow the boat to easily carry 4 adults and 2 kids. The nets are also perfect for lounging and relaxing.

Social or family sailors can spend the day beach-sailing with the spouse, the kids, and their friends. The single-line roller-furling jib makes it easy to tune the ride, offering an easy and stable ride for the youngsters or fast and wet for the teens. The 17′s shallow draft makes it a natural for swapping rides off the beach, or throw down an anchor and furl the sails to create a huge swim platform with lots of places to grab on and rest. The trimaran design makes it nearly impossible to capsize, while giving the ability to go fast.

The WindRider17 is a great day sailer that can be used for extended trips. Camp-cruisers can pack enough gear for week-long adventures into the 17′s covered, dry center cockpit, or use drybags and pack it on the trampolines and take a passenger as well.

Performance sailors can add the optional Turbo Reacher kit for an adrenaline rush that’ll make the jet-skiers envious.

This is what’s included in one sleek, easily-managed trimaran package:

  • Fully-battened main sail on a rotating mast
  • Roller-furling jib for total control
  • Telescoping hull beams for easy setup and trailering
  • Trampolines between the hull beams for relaxing or extra passengers
  • Foot-pedal steering for single-handed versatility
  • Dual cockpit covers
  • Built-in bilge pump

This boat is great for the experienced and first time sailors alike. Take this boat for a fun family day trip or be adventurous and take it out for several days. It is quick, easy to launch, sail, and retrieve. It is comfortable, safe, and affordable. This boat is a vision of beauty and function which will make you fall in love. We have boats stationed all over the country making them easy to test sail and look at. Don’t Wait! Try one out Today!!

Contact your nearest test location and experience a WindRider Trimaran today!

Length 17'4" / 5.3m
Beam 12'11" / 3.94m
Beam On Trailer 8'6" / 2.54m
Weight  402lbs / 182 kg
Main Sail Area 96 sqft / 9 m2
Jib Sail Area 43sqft / 4m2
Optional Reacher Sail 86sqft / 8m2
Draft 18"/46cm
Capacity 800lbs / 363 kg
Designer Jim Brown & WindRider

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Top 10 reasons to buy a WindRider 17 Trimaran

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