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Davis Snap Multi Tool

Davis Snap Multi Tool

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The button snap and zipper pull features make working with canvas a “snap” instead of a chore.

This is a deck plate key that fits most deck plate caps.

It’s also a pocket-sized hex wrench and screwdriver with both slot and Phillips heads.

The cutting blade is designed to cut fishing line and small cord.

The shackle key works on stainless or galvanized pin shackles.

Deck plate key: Fits most caps: water, fuel, waste
Un-Snap Canvas Snaps/Snap Canvas Snaps: Handling button snaps made easy, especially on shrunken canvas or corroded snaps
Zipper Puller: Tames stiff, sticky oroxidized zippers
Cutting Tool: Fishing line, paracord, webbing, cardboard boxes, emergency use
Hex Wrench: Popular sizes: 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2 inch
Screwdrivers: Both Phillips and slot
Scraper: Removes labels, tape, dry paint
Pin Shackle Key: Titghtens or loosens pins on most galvanized anchor shackles and stainless steel pin shackles
Bottle Opener: Enough said!

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