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Harken Carbo OneTouch Winch Handle - 10in

Harken Carbo OneTouch Winch Handle - 10in

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Harken OneTouch Carbo Winch Handle


  • Lightweight Composite Material used in the Carbo Blocks
  • Full Length Release Handle for Single Handed use
  • Palm Grip for fast low load or 2 handed operation at high loads
  • Palm Grip is independent of the handle for ease of use
  • Ball Bearing handle for faster grinding

Harken Carbo Winch Handle for the racer that needs quick releases, but wants the security of a lock-in winch

This harken winch handle is easy to use with the full length release, makes it ideal for situations when you need to release the handle with only 1 hand and to do it quickly. With the full length release it is also easier to resecure the winch handle in a new winch. Weighing in at only 20.8oz, this light weight winch handle is excellent for all users who need verstality and speed.

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