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Steering Assembly – WR17

Steering Assembly – WR17

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  • First, the black plastic steering tracks are bolted to the inside of the hull
  • Second, the steering cable is run through the small projections in the hull that face the stern (The plastic sleeve prevents the finished cable end from pulling into the hull)
  • The cable clamps are applied to the hull so that the steering cables run straight toward the steering tracks
  • Aluminum steering rails are slotted into the steering tracks
  • The inside end of the steering cable is fastened to the steering rails
  • Finally, the steering redals are installed into the steering rails

The steering assembly includes:

  • Steering cables (4 bolts, 4 lock nuts, 4 washers, and 4 cable clamps)
  • Steering tracks (2 screws and 2 lock nuts)
  • Steering rails (4 .25-20 x1" Hex nuts and 4 .25-20 lock nuts)
  • Steering pedals.
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