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Strongest Sailors Dog Leash

Strongest Sailors Dog Leash

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Strongest Sailors Dog Leash

Is your dog the size of a small horse?

Do you need to be able to walk a buffalo*?

Then this is the leash for you!

(Even if your dog is small, show the world you are a sailor and well prepared)

  • Made from 6mm Admiral Braid line which has a 4800lb break strength and combined with a 5000lb stainless steel snap shackle, this is a leash that means business
  • 6' of line with a spliced loop for holding and the other end spliced to a 316ss snap shackle
  • Never worry again about your dog breaking the leash or shackle

*Warning: We do not recommend actually walking a buffalo. While the leash maybe strong enough, you probably aren't.

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