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WindRider 16 Trimaran

WindRider 16 Trimaran

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WindRider 16 Trimaran:

The sleek little WindRider for sporty, simplistic sailing.


It's so easy to rig up a WindRider 16 that anyone can do it in 20 minutes or less. The carbon fiber mast weighs 22 pounds and just like that, you can be on the water for a solo sail or treating friends to the thrill of armchair sailing.


· Comfortably carries one person in the cockpit plus 2 on the trampolines

· Simple to sail and easy to learn

· Nearly impossible to capsize


Purchase includes 3-section carbon fiber mast for added performance; a matching, tall, batten-less sail; 2 trampolines (one for each side of the hull); soft cockpit cover; plus all rigging and control lines.


Additional options include spray diverter, windshield, heavy weather cockpit cover and aluminum trailer.


The WindRider 16 gives you these standard WindRider features:

Sporty styling that turns heads

Hands-free, foot pedal steering

A single control line


Nearly impossible to capsize


*New for 2013: Fixed shipping of $850.00 for Continental US only!

*This price is valid with or without a trailer.



Length 16'7" / 5.1 m
Beam 12' / 3.7 m
Weight 250 lbs. / 113.6 kg
Total Sail Area 93 sq. ft. / 8.6 m2
Draft 16" / 41 cm
Capacity 500 lbs. / 227 kg
Designer Jim Brown
Introduced 1995



Check out this video of the WindRider 16

Story of WindRider 16 and WindRider 17 as told by Jim Brown.



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