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Windrider 16 trimaran

Windrider 16 trimaran

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Easy to transport, easy to rig. Simple, fast and fun for anyone who wants to sail. Introduced in 1995, the original WindRider 16 Trimaran is the boat that started the buzz. The roomy cockpit accommodates a sailor and a child, and for bigger groups the optional trampolines offer room for more.

“My wife and I are wind-blown testimonials, having been introduced to the pleasures of sailing on a WindRider 16. As nautical novices, we would not have had the courage to learn to sail without the confidence afforded by the uniquely designed WindRider.”

- J.P., Minnesota

This boat invented simple sailing for the masses. Its rugged construction and dependable performance has proven itself for years on most of the planet’s oceans, bays and lakes. It is truly a breakthrough boat that won’t disappoint.

Base price is for boat, sail and trampolines; options include windshield and spray diverter to affix to the bow.Comes in Blue or Yellow.

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